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Dogs and haemostatic dressings

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Hemostatic Dressings for Catastrophic Bleeding in Pets

Understanding Hemostatic Dressings

**Hemostatic dressings** are specially designed to react with blood and effectively control severe bleeding. Widely used in the military and medical services, these dressings offer a rapid and efficient way to stop bleeding.

Exploring Hemostatic Products

Let's examine some hemostatic products suitable for pets and understand their differences:

Celox: Creating Blood Clots

**Celox** is a substance that interacts with blood, forming a plug within the wound. It comes in various formats, including granules and Z-Fold gauze, and serves as a reliable option for managing catastrophic bleeds.

Celox Applicator for Precision

For knife wounds or challenging situations, a **Celox applicator** provides a controlled way to insert Celox granules directly into the wound, ensuring effective treatment. Though distressing, it's essential in critical situations.

Celox Gauze: My Preferred Choice

**Celox gauze** is available in standard and rapid versions, setting in three minutes and one minute, respectively. This Z-Fold gauze is packed directly into the wound, creating pressure to staunch bleeding, making it a practical choice for managing catastrophic bleeds.

Collaclot: An Alternative for Pets

**Collaclot**, specially designed for pets, is a collagen sponge that promotes clotting and stops bleeding effectively. It can be applied directly to the wound or even on the outside, making it versatile and suitable for various pet injuries.

Where to Find These Products

All these hemostatic products are available at the **ProTrainings store**, accessible at or through our affiliated websites. If you want to be prepared for managing catastrophic bleeds in your pet, Collaclot is recommended for its pet-specific design and versatility.