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Casper Manikin Lung Change

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One of the biggest questions we have, when we sell these Casper CPR Manikins, is: How do we change the lungs? Now we have come up with a quick and easy way. So we're just going to show you a quick and easy way to change your lungs between your students. First off is this cover, you need to remove the cover. This just holds the foam in place. Once you have removed the cover, you need to take the foam pad out. So just leave that out just for now. Now, the next thing you need is a coat hanger, now these coat hangers are just the really thin cheap coat hangers. We get these from our local dry cleaners. All you need to do is cut off the main hook part that goes over the clothes rail, on one end just put a folded loop so you can put your finger to pull through, and on this end just fold it so there is a very small curve and then put tape around. Now it is important that you put the tape around because you are going to put this inside the manikin and you don't want a loose end to be catching on the manikin which could potentially damage it. So the next thing is to look at the lung bag. The lung bag itself is a plastic bag, and on one end it is sealed and on the other end, it is open. So we need to make sure that we put it in in the right way - so we want the open end by the nose. So the very first thing you do is to just take the small end you have made on the coat hanger, insert it up the nose - if you squeeze the nose to the side, if you pinch the nose you will actually open it up more. Once that is done, the coat hanger will come through on this end.
Then, take the bag itself, fold it over just a few times, just make sure you are not putting a twist in it. One problem you may have when using it with the students - if have a twist in it, the air is not going to go in. Then just take the open end through the loop, and just catch it just a small amount. Then simply from there you just pull it, and just pull it so the plastic bag just comes out the end. Once you have got that through, just pull it bag a little bit just to make sure that the bag is clear, and if you have got a twist in it, you can pull it backwards and forwards and that will take the twist out. Pop the plastic inside, push the foam back in place, take the plastic cover and then insert that back. So just clip it in at the back and put your fingers in the hole here, you can open it up and put one corner in here and then the other corner in. That will just clip in place and at this end, we just need to fold that back. So then we are going to open up the plastic bag, we are going to pull that back over the tongue and over the nose of the manikin. So from here we can still pull the tongue out from one side to simulate opening the airway, we've got a complete barrier around the nose of the manikin, and then it is easy to blow the air in. Then you can see the chest rising and falling. Now the final thing with these is, if you actually put these into the manikin for your students - that is fine, but try and get in the habit of getting your students to remove them. And if you can get them to remove the manikin here, and if they just pull out the bag, they can tie a knot in it, and then your students can take those an pop them straight into the bin so you are not messing around with any plastic bags which have got any of their saliva on it.
Finally, if you need to buy a manikin or any of these manikins for any of your classes, get in touch with us. You can see them at or give us a call on 01206 805380.