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Casualty Simulation Husky

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When teaching, and you need to simulate injuries, the ITG/ProTrainings huskies - the casualty husky has got lots of different injuries on it. So when you are teaching, it is much easier to look at a real injury and then get your students to actually bandage what they see. So we start with the tail - the tail is a complete amputation. You get the other part with it as well so you can practice actually putting a dressing over the end of the tail. Back foot we have got a lump of glass in a cut, so there we can look at packing around the wound to avoid getting any injuries. On the side, there is a big injury. What you can do with that is use it for packing wounds; the likes of Celox gauze. We have an ear injury which is a tear, which is helping them bandage over that. Front injury, but this time you can actually feel the break and actually see the broken bone inside, and there's a small injury on the nose and another one on the front paw. The idea here is to make pet first aid courses much more visual. And by having something which is more visual, we make it more realistic. This pet first aid casualty husky is available from ITG Supplies and ProTrainings Europe.