Pet First Aid Instructor Level 3 (VTQ) - Online Blended Part 1

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Selling pet first aid kits

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As a pet first aid instructor, you are selling your courses if you are making money from your courses. You are also promoting that all of your students to have a first aid kit. So what we do is we do a complete range of pet first aid kits, and depending on how many you buy and the numbers are very, very small and have a minimum order, we can also personalise them. So you can sell a first aid kit as a full one like this for our Pet Bleed kits and they can have your details on rather than our details. This means that you can go on a course, you can promote everything you do and also sell the kits to them because it is linked directly to you with your details. Then you can set a price where you like. It doesn't matter.

All the items in here are the items that we promote on the courses. So everything within the actual first aid kits is the sort of stuff they want to buy. Now by doing this, it means that you can increase your revenue and your profit margins for every course you actually teach. And also it means that you can advertise your business in the homes in the business of the people you teach. So for example, if you go to a pet business and they buy one, then you have got your company name for training advertised in their reception and then there are individuals. And you can sell these kits to anybody. Then they are also going to have your details there.

So with the kits themselves, you can either have the plastic box, we also do a soft pouch design as well, or these are the resealable pouches. So with these, we can provide them with a sticker on the front or the back. We can change the colour of the pouch as well to black or white. Also, with these, they have got a Ziploc top to them so they are very easy to reseal. And we can provide these to you either just sealed just by closing the Ziploc on the top, or we can actually thermally bond the top so you can not actually get anything out of them without then tearing them to open them. The choice is yours. When you order them, you specify how you want it sealed.

But these kits are very good and things that you and your students will want. So the bleed kit is the main one we got here. And this gives the information that you need for this. It's got the occlusive band, there is the dressing with gloves and the Collaclot inside it. And then the main plastic kit is here and we do the standard and premium kits and also the advanced kits. And they can have also the addition of Collaclot or Oralade inside them as well should you want them. We can also make bespoke kits. So if you want a kit made out with lots of other things on, just let us know. Or if you want a particular type of box or type of pouch, again, let us know. Fo for more information on any of the personalised kits, don't hesitate to get in touch with us.