We sell all the equipment you would need for teaching Pet First Aid and Human!

Below are just a selection of the pet first aid training equipment we sell.  Our First Aid Online store and ProTrainings store offers over 1000 products for humans and pets.

Pet First Aid Plus Recommended Instructor Kit

This kit is designed for anyone who wants to teach pet first aid.  Included are a Casper CPR Dog manikin for teaching CPR and two casualty simulation dogs which have simulated wounds for students to practice dressing.

Also included are Oralade for emergency hydration and Collaclot Haemostatic sponges which can be used to treat severe bleeding.

Casualty Simulation Dog - Husky

Simulation Husky dog for the practice of pet first aid skills including amputation and the use of haemostatic dressing on a large wound to the body.  Ideal for any pet first aid course.  

Casper CPR Dog

Casper the CPR Training dog incorporates all the necessary features for teaching basic dog CPR to pet owners. 

The anatomy features a full body moulded in the appropriate position in which to give CPR, retractable tongue, movable jaw, sanitary replaceable airway, foam-filled body for chest compression resistance, and a femoral pulse.

10 x Pro Pet Student Training Packs

10 x Pro Pet Student Training Pack.  

Ideal packs for students to ensure that they are the only person to touch the dressings and other items that they will need to use during the course.