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Bandaging the Body

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Bandaging the body in pets can be quite difficult, especially in a large breed such as a Labrador. If you have a smaller animal, like a cat or a small breed dog, then you may want to think about putting the pad on and using the bandage to hold that pad on, but even with those, the chances of the bandage slipping is quite high. This is the situation that, if you have got a pet first aid kit, you would look at trying to stop the bleeding first, if it was a wound that was bleeding. Once that pressure that you needed, so a few minutes of the pressure, once it had stopped bleeding, a spray-on plaster would be much more effective than trying to place a bandage over it. If you did not have a spray-on plaster, by all means, try and use a vet wrap, but it is not gonna last very long, but it may be long enough just for you to get to your vet's, but wounds over the side of the body, or anywhere on the body, are quite tricky to bandage. The most important thing is that they stay clean and that the animal does not try and lick or chew at them and potentially introduce infection or make them worse through doing that. So those are the key things if you do have an injury there and you can not bandage it, then you need to be making sure that the animal does not then turn around and pay lots of attention to it.