Pet First Aid Instructor Level 3 (VTQ) - Online Blended Part 1

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Pet first aid student dressing packs

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What we are going to look at now is some kits that we have made up for when you are teaching pet first-aid so that each student can have their own dressings. Now, the requirements now with coronavirus, this has become very, very important. What we have done is made these kits, they are in quite a large bag because it gives people enough room to put stuff back inside there, and also each student is holding their own bag. So all of their dressings, the bits and pieces are in there, so there is no cross-contamination between students. You have a large section on the front where they can write their name, so it is very obvious whose pack is whose. As soon as you enter the classroom, get the students to write the details on the front. At least, that is their pack. And then they take that pack away with them at the end of the course, so you, the instructor, are not going to have to throw things away.

Inside the pack is a self-seal bag. What we have in there are some different things. We have some gloves and gloves they would then use during the training as well. You can have these kits with or without a face shield. This particular one here has got a face shield with it, but if you do not want these, then you just buy them without the face shield. We have a cohesive bandage, and this is similar to the bandages the vets wraps so it only sticks to itself. And also, inside here, you have a non-adherent dressing, so students can practice putting a dressing onto a leg, and then using the bandage to hold that in place. We also have a standard HSE dressing, so students can practice with that. And a sling, which is not used for a sling, but it can be used for practicing how to put a tourniquet on.

Now, at the end of the course, some of this material is useful. The cohesive bandage, there will be enough left on there for the students to put that into their first-aid kits. With these kits, they have got everything you are likely to need in the training all in one place, but use these kits to your advantage so when you are actually selling your courses, make sure your students know that each student will get their own dressings. So take away the fears of coronavirus and cross-contamination and make your courses stand out.