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Dogs Drowning and Treatment

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Rescuing a Drowned Animal: CPR and Safety Tips

1. Prioritize Safety

Swift and Safe Retrieval: When encountering a drowned animal, your priority is to remove them from the water quickly while ensuring safety for both you and the animal.

  • Personal Safety First: Do not endanger yourself while attempting the rescue.

2. Proper Positioning

Raising Hind Legs: If the animal is not breathing, gently elevate their hind legs. On a riverbank, position their head at the lowest point.

3. Initiate CPR

Continuing CPR: Proceed with the CPR procedure you've learned previously. CPR is crucial for oxygenating the lungs and circulating blood, with the hope of a swift recovery.

  • Drowning vs. Cardiac Problems: CPR is particularly effective for drowning cases, which are primarily respiratory issues rather than cardiac ones.
  • Stay Calm: Maintain composure during the CPR process, and avoid panic.

4. Post-CPR Veterinary Check

Consult a Vet: Even after successful CPR, it is advisable to have the pet examined by a veterinarian. Secondary drowning, caused by fluid accumulation in the lungs, can still pose a fatal risk.