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Hypothermia - vets comments

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Hypothermia can occur in pets through different causes. It may be that they have been in the water for too long and they are cold. It may be that they've been outside in the winter and it's been snowing and they've been out too long and again got too cold. They can also become hypothermic when they are in shock and this is because the drop in blood volume that occurs with shock means that that temperature that has been circulating around their body is suddenly gonna drop as well. If you have got a hypothermic animal, it's really important to gradually warm them up and not go from one extreme of cold extreme to a hot extreme. That's not the way... Their body won't cope with that sudden change. So, always gradually warm them up by covering them with a blanket or holding them, taking them out of the cold if it is that they've been in the water or in the snow. Take them out of that environment and just gradually warm them.