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Fight Wounds

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There will be times when your pets will have been bitten by another dog or by another cat. In these instances, it is recommended to go and see your vet, even if initially the wound does not look like it has punctured the skin too much, very superficial. The problem with these bites is that the teeth and the bacteria that live in dogs' and cats' mouths can be very, very toxic and they can be really bad at creating an infection and even an abscess. And it is better to try and get these bites treated before the abscess or the infection takes hold.

The problem with the abscesses is that they take a few days to come up and sometimes you will not even see that your animal has been bitten until the abscess comes up. By the time the abscess is there, that infection has been onboard for several days and can make your pet quite unwell. So if you do see a bite then get your vet to have a look at your pet and potentially prescribe some antibiotics if you know that it is from another dog or a cat. If you do not see the bite until that abscess comes up, get your pet seen as soon as you can because already that infection will have been in their system for at least a day or two and so it is really important to get the right antibiotics onboard as soon as you can. There is also a risk of infection from a cat scratch or a dog scratch wound. This is again because the bacteria that is carried on their feet can set up an infection at the site of the wound. So again, if you do notice a graze, a cut, any wound, a puncture wound that has been inflicted by another dog or a cat, it is important to get them seen by your local vet.