Pet First Aid Instructor Level 3 (VTQ) - Online Blended Part 1

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About Your Practical Pet Instructor Session (no need to complete the open response lessons mentioned)

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Now you have finished all the videos on this online course the next thing you will do is the test. But once you have finished the test, what you can do is you need to come to us to do the practical component. This is a one-day session, start at 9:00 o'clock, and we typically go on to around about 5:00 o'clock and typically at Colchester, although we do sometimes run them at other locations, or if there is a lot of you, we can set up a group date for you.

On the practical day what you need to bring with you is you bring along your open response forms. So on the test, you will see that there are... In the download area, you will see there are some open response forms. You must bring those with you and you hand those and then we get those marked. So while you are with us, what we do is we run through a little bit about the business of teaching Pet First Aid, the different things we offer. We show you how to use your instructor dashboard and also we go through the practical skills on the course. Now we are not gonna teach you all the stuff you have learned online again, but we do run through the practical modules and give you a short idea of how the actual PowerPoint comes together. Other things we will discuss on the course will be equipment that you are going to need when you start teaching and we look at Casper manikins and some other simulation manikins we have, first aid kits and things like that.

When you come along if you want to buy any of the equipment you can do, get in touch with us beforehand that we can have manikins in that sitting here waiting for you when you go or you can buy on the day. We do not have massive amounts of stock here. We store that off-site. If you want to pick up on the day, just give us a call beforehand or let us know as soon as you arrive.

Other things we are going to go through on the course are, in addition to the business side, are some of the things about how to certify courses and how to market your courses. Now once you start teaching, you need to be able to sell courses. So we will go through the benefits of the ProTrainings System, how we list courses on the system and they are advertised and also how you can maximize that, use their online booking widgets as well as things like selling e-learning through your company. If you sell e-learning through the company, if you can not teach a course in the classroom, you could sell somebody an e-learning course and therefore you can make a commission on that.

When you come on the course there is a lot to get through, so get there early, make sure, the classroom is open from 8:30 in the morning. The course will start at 9:00 o'clock. There is parking on site. You will need to park in the bay marked 650 and to do that you often need to remove a cone if you block the parking off for other students. If you do see parking on the road or you can park at your hotel or come in pairs that would be appreciated. We do have limited parking. But usually, we got enough to run these courses, no problem at all.

We do have a short lunch break. If you want to bring sandwiches, if not, there is a sandwich shop just down the road. You can pop out to get those in your break.

Once you have completed the course, then we will get you to fill an envelope and we will post out your endorsed instructor certificates and your ITG certificates that will be sent out in the post to you.

Thank you for choosing ProTrainings and ITG and we look forward to welcoming you on the course.