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Woundclot and aquatic animal care

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WoundClot's Breakthrough in Aquatic Animal Care

In the realm of aquatic animal care, timely intervention, especially in injury treatment, is crucial. The use of WoundClot in treating a Koi fish with a severe post-surgical wound highlights its innovative healing capabilities.

Challenges in Aquatic Animal Injury Treatment

Following tumor removal surgery, a Koi fish was left with a persistently bleeding wound, presenting a complex challenge for effective treatment. Vets often struggle with such cases, especially when traditional methods are inadequate.

The Revolutionary Impact of WoundClot

WoundClot, applied directly to the wound outside of water, showcased its unique adaptability for aquatic animals. Its ability to rapidly transform into a gel and stop bleeding within seconds stands out, particularly considering the fish's protective jelly film.

Unique Features of WoundClot

What distinguishes WoundClot is its quick gel formation, creating a durable barrier that adheres to the fish's skin. This capability is significant in overcoming the challenges of the aquatic environment and the fish's natural defenses.

WoundClot's Versatility and Reliability

The success in this case demonstrates WoundClot's effectiveness not just in halting hemorrhage but also in its versatility and reliability in challenging scenarios.

Broader Applications and Recognition

WoundClot has proven its worth beyond traditional medical applications, becoming a dependable solution in aquatic animal care for urgent and complex health issues.

Advancement in Aquatic Animal Healthcare

Recognised as both a life-saving tool and a pioneering innovation, WoundClot represents a significant leap forward in aquatic animal care, offering practical and efficient solutions for the well-being of aquatic species.


For veterinarians and aquatic enthusiasts, WoundClot is more than just a product; it's a testament to the power of innovative healing technologies in addressing formidable challenges in animal healthcare.