Pet First Aid Instructor Level 3 (VTQ) - Online Blended Part 1

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Small Cuts, Scratches and Grazes

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Pets will often sustain very minor injuries when they are out on their walks or when they are out just doing the normal things in the garden. Some of these injuries do not require a visit to the vets. It may be that you still want to phone your vet and get some advice about what you should do, but a lot of the superficial cuts or grazers that they get are treatable at home. You just need to keep them clean. If they are not bleeding you don't even need to necessarily cover them. If they have got a cut on their feet or a slightly open wound on their feet, you do want to make sure that it's not getting dirty and potentially getting infected. So if that was the case, it might be that you would want to cover them when you're going outside to go to the toilet for example.

The biggest thing is to monitor afterwards. So the actual injury may not be very big, or it may be very minor, but if your pet licks at it or does get it dirty and it does get infected, then it may need veterinary attention. So the things to monitor would be pain. If your pet suddenly becomes painful on it, then that would be a clue that it's not as it started and probably has become infected. If you see any discharge, any wet crusting or any swelling around the wounds, then that would be an indication to take your pet to the vet.