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Inducing Vomiting - vets comments

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We would never recommend that the general public or a first aider, pet first aider, try and induce vomiting in their pet. Even in a case where you would need to induce it because you are not close enough to a vet, or it is an emergency and it needs to be done really, really properly, we would always advise that you phone your vet first and get the appropriate advice.

There are solutions and materials you can use that will make your dog vomit. We would advise using either 3% hydrogen peroxide, or in some situations where you have not got access to that but you are at home, then you could potentially use soda crystals as well that would make your dog vomit.

There are situations where you would not want your dog to vomit. If they have ingested something that is quite sharp, or quite bulky or something that will swell up in the stomach, you do not want them bringing that backup and causing damage to the oesophagus or to the throat when it comes back up.

If with a drug dog, for example, a police dog, then it may be something that you do want to happen. If they are out working and they've identified something and accidentally ingested it, then you would want to make them vomit that back up quite quickly before it gets absorbed. So, those are the cases where we would advise to induce the vomiting, having spoken to your vet first.