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Electric Shocks

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Thankfully, electric shocks in animals do not appear to be very common. I have not seen one in my 15 years of being a vet. When they do get an electric shock, there can be a range of damage. So it may be that it is a mild electric shock and they can let go quite quickly and therefore just get a local reaction which will probably be quite painful initially.

There are situations where if it is a high voltage going through this electric wire, then they can almost clamp down and get into a seizure. And because they lose that voluntary control of their muscles, they may not be able to release that wire, that electric source. So in those situations, there is a chance of an animal dying from an electric shock.

If we did see one that had had an electric shock, I think it would be difficult to diagnose that, because a lot of the symptoms, you are not actually going to see anything externally, but you may find that you have got neurological issues and that it would be a matter of trying to go through a list and exclude certain conditions that they may lead you to think that it could be an electric shock that caused those neurological deficits.