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Puppies and young animals

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Puppies need additional care as well as training.  They will be more sensitive to illness, extremes heat or cold and dehydration Their stomachs will be more sensitive to different foods.  Their lungs are not fully developed so they will be more prone to respiratory problems than an adult dog.

Check your puppy over regularly, check their coat, eyes paws and pads, it is good to get a dog used to be checked and handled, if you do it regularly when they are a puppy they will grow accustomed to it and they will become easier to handle and treat when they are older. In spending time with your puppy you will soon learn its habits, energy levels and temperament, it may be obvious to you when they are not acting normally.

Puppies are very adventurous and lively and sometime their curiosity can get them into trouble, to avoid injuries, prevention is better than cure, make sure that there is nothing within the puppies reach that can cause them harm.  Puppies are inclined to chew, think about electric cables are they out of reach? 

To check that your puppy is healthy and well

  • When the puppy is at rest, check to find out what the resting pulse is as you would with a dog, this is useful as it can be used to measure against if you think you puppy is injured or unwell.
  • Look at their eyes, they should be clear and bright with no discharge
  • Check the nose is, the nose cold and wet?
  • Check the gums and tongue 

If you have any concerns about your puppy, seek immediate veterinary advice. If your puppy is unwell, take them to the vet as soon as possible.