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Falls From Height

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Accidents can happen with dogs and cats when they fall from a height. This may be from a balcony in a flat for example, for a cat or a dog, or if you're walking along a seawall and fall off onto the beach or the concrete below. The most common injuries that we'll find with these are bruising and potentially spinal and then head injuries. This is because when they fall, they don't automatically fall onto their feet. Cats do tend to be able to correct themselves mid-air given enough height. If the height isn't long enough, the cat doesn't have time to correct itself and so won't land on all feet and then has a risk of fracturing jaw, pelvis, legs. If it's high enough, they can, even from a very high height, land on four feet without any injuries whatsoever.

With dogs, the most common injuries we would find would be fractures and bruising. These are often treatable, but in any of these situations, if you suspect your pet may have fractured a bone, it is best to try and immobilise them and get them safely into the car to then get them to the vets.