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Cat microchipping

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Microchipping Your Cat in England

Legal Requirement Starting from June 10th, 2024

From the 10th of June, 2024, microchipping your cat will be mandatory across England.

Public Awareness and Support

Recent findings from the 2024 PAW report indicate that 54% of cat owners are unaware of this upcoming legal requirement. However, the decision has received overwhelming public support, with 99% of respondents favouring the mandate.

Purpose of the Law

This law aims to:

  • Facilitate the reunion of lost or strayed cats with their owners.
  • Address issues like abandonment by ensuring traceability.

Procedure and Requirements

Microchipping involves:

  • A one-time cost ensuring a cat's identification for life.
  • Compulsory microchipping before a cat reaches 20 weeks old, except for feral cats.
  • Registration of details on a government-approved pet microchipping database.
  • A compliance deadline of 21 days after the initial requirement, with a potential fine of £500 for non-compliance.

Benefits of Microchipping

Microchipping is beneficial because:

  • It aids in recovering lost, stolen, or injured cats.
  • It provides crucial identification for indoor cats that might accidentally escape.
  • The microchip, about the size of a grain of rice, is implanted under the skin and contains a unique number linking your cat to your contact details.
  • Any scanner can detect this number, facilitating a quick reunion through the microchip company if your cat goes missing.

Implementation and Availability

Microchipping is typically performed by a trained professional available at:

  • Veterinary clinics,
  • Local councils, or
  • Rescue centres.

While currently mandated in England, microchipping is recommended for all cat owners regardless of location.

Remember, scheduling microchipping during other veterinary procedures such as neutering is optimal, although separate appointments are possible.