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Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

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Carbon monoxide poisoning is dangerous for animals, as it is with people. If you are ever in a situation where somebody in the house has had carbon monoxide poisoning, you should get your dogs checked out. A lot of cases, I think, leaks that result in carbon monoxide being produced in the household are quite a gradual leak, and often the symptoms that people and animals will exhibit with carbon monoxide poisoning are quite gradual and sometimes quite vague to start with as well.

So you are looking for weaknesses, just being a little bit lethargic. You might, as time goes on, see some breathing difficulties as well because what is happening with that carbon monoxide is that it is competing with the normal oxygen that your animal will breathe and blocking some of those red blood cells from taking up the oxygen. So your animal will not be oxygenating its organs as well as it should be, but that can be a gradual thing. So, yeah, the weakness and the lethargy and the breathing difficulties could crop up gradually over a week, a few weeks, or even a month or so, but if you know, if you know that there has been a carbon monoxide poisoning case in a person or an animal you must get the rest of the household checked out by your vet.