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We are now going to look at one way of controlling bleeding using blood stop powder. Now what this is is a powder, which you can just puff onto a wound, and it will coagulate with the blood forming a gel-like plug, which can help stop the bleeding. It is not going to be useful for serious bleeds, but where you got smaller bleeds and grazes, and cuts, maybe a cut from a nail, you can pop some of this on, and it quite quickly will slow the bleeding down to a stop. All you need to do is just literally pop it through, pop the top off, and that opens up the lid, and you can control it. And just put that directly on the wound. You can also put the powder on the wound, and then put a dressing over the top. That will just hold it in place again, controlling bleeding, which is a very good thing to have inside your first aid kit.

Now, with the blood stop powder, it is important that you store it correctly. You want to keep it dry because it reacts with fluid, it is how it works. If you start leaving this in a wet environment, and leave the top open, and let moisture get in, it will soon waste the product, and you will have to replace it. So always store it in a dry place. So this you could put inside your first aid kits and carry it around with you, that will not be a problem. If you are likely to get wet, then you can always put this packet, this pot, inside a Ziploc bag just to keep it that bit drier. And finally, when you are using this, keep it away from eyes and mucous membranes because what the product does is dry things up. So if you put it into their eyes, it will dry their eyes up.